• My events experience

    Joanne Munro's event experience

    My events experience began when I helped a bars company for 12 days at the 30,000 person Big Chill Festival in 2006. I already worked in hospitality (managing bars and restaurants) and had been helping one of the directors with his bars and admin for six years, so when he asked me to come to the festival I jumped at the chance. I created stock movement sheets, sourced an 18 ton articulated lorry, a Mercedes battery and 120,000 recyclable paper cups – and all on a Sunday without Internet as someone had run over the cable!


  • Virtual Assistant case study: The Green Man Festival

    Event Management Case StudyVirtual Assistant case study number six. My background is events and, because I’m often asked to help coordinate them, I thought a case study might be useful for prospective clients to see the type of work I undertake. I wrote a post on what I do at the Green Man Festival a couple of years back but this one is a bit more in-depth.


  • How to be more organised – practical tools and systems that work

    Sort yourself out!

    As a Virtual Assistant (or Anti-Chaos Technician as I like to call myself) I’m often asked how I keep myself so well organised whilst simultaneously coordinating events and managing different clients. I usually just smile and say it’s a God-given talent, but actually there are many systems and tools that can help if you’re not a naturally organised person. (more…)

  • 7 ways to beat procrastination

    Beat Procrastination

    Procrastination. That annoying little voice that whispers: “don’t worry, you can do it later, it’s not that important… it can wait”. You want to get on with things but somehow you just can’t get your act together.

    But you want to set up a business or start a new project – how do you get the whispering voice of procrastination to shut up so you can get on with setting the world alight? (more…)

  • What is a Virtual Assistant?

    What is a Virtual Assistant

    Although a lot more people know what a Virtual Assistant is nowadays, I’m still amazed at how often I’m confronted with a blank look when I tell people what I do.

    So, to prevent you from looking like a dinosaur when faced with one at your next networking meeting I’ll fill you in.


  • Virtual Assistant case study: Social Media Consultants

    Social Media Consultants do it better

    Virtual Assistant case study number five. I love working with Social Media Consultants as I find the work they give me really interesting and fun. A bonus is that, because I have a personal interest in Social Media and like to keep up to date with changes, I know where to head, what to look for, and can assess the information very quickly – which a VA with a different speciality might not be able to do.  (more…)

  • Virtual Assistant case study: lifestyle management

    Get some help!

    Virtual Assistant case study number four. Because some clients give me a combination of business and lifestyle projects, this time instead of outlining the client who sets the tasks, I’m going to outline the tasks instead. (more…)

  • Virtual Assistant case study: the sustainable architects

    Green TweetingVirtual Assistant case study number three. This project saw me provide an Architect couple with information on how to blog, write SEO web copy and use social media. As with the case study of the Baking Teacher, this was also a wide-reaching task because the components all interlinked with each other.  (more…)