• Virtual Assistant Case Study: Lifestyle Management

    Get some help!

    Virtual Assistant case study number four. Because some clients give me a combination of business and lifestyle projects, this time instead of outlining the client who sets the tasks, I’m going to outline the tasks instead. (more…)

  • Virtual Assistant Case Study: The Sustainable Architects

    Green TweetingVirtual Assistant case study number three. Before I specialised in event support, I was asked to help an Architect couple with their blog and Social Media. As with the case study of the Baking Teacher, this was also a wide-reaching task because all the components interlinked with each other.  (more…)

  • Virtual Assistant Case Study: The Baking Teacher

    My client was stressed!

    Virtual Assistant case study number two. This was a very big job with lots of components that linked to other aspects of the client’s business. Although what I did made my client more money, the main benefit for her was simply that she could finally take a day off and enjoy her life. (more…)

  • Virtual Assistant Case Study: The Website Design And Development Company

    Your website is bad!

    Before I started to mainly focus on providing remote event support and coordination,  I started writing case studies to outline exactly what kind of tasks I did for my clients as a techie Virtual Assistant. New inquiries always wanted to know how experienced I was at certain things so I thought case studies might give them a better idea of what I could help them with. (more…)

  • 7 Gmail Labs For a More Productive Inbox

    how you find Labs for Gmail in your settings

    Previously I’ve written reviews for Rapportive for Gmail where you can see and connect to your contacts’ Social Media profiles straight from your inbox (which is handy for bypassing the dilemma of how you know someone to link with them on LinkedIn!) as well as Boomerang for Gmail which gives you the option to schedule emails or even bounce them back if the person doesn’t reply.


  • How To Become A Virtual Assistant

    how to become a virtual assistantRecently I had a couple of people contact me to ask how I became a VA and to see if I minded giving them any tips. Apparently I have a ‘very good business model’ and they like my website and blog.

    Of course this was extremely flattering and I was more than happy to help out.  But this got me thinking – maybe I should just write it all down and then I can direct people here instead! (more…)

  • Recording Business Expenses – Using a Personal Bank Account For Business

    Like myself, if you’re using the same bank account for personal and business, you’ll need a quick and easy way of recording your business expenses for your tax return. (more…)

  • Things To Do In December To Prepare Your Business For The New Year

    December can be a quiet time for a lot of businesses. People are winding down for Christmas, and plans for new projects are put on hold until the New Year.

    Although it’s nice to have some free time if you use some of that time making sure your house is in order, you’ll be in a much better position to spring into the new year without any baggage from this year holding you back. (more…)

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