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How to be more organised – practical tools and systems that work

As a Virtual Assistant (or Anti-Chaos Technician as I like to call myself) I’m often asked how I keep myself so well organised whilst simultaneously coordinating events and managing different clients. I usually just smile and say it’s a God-given talent,… Read More

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7 ways to beat procrastination

Procrastination. That annoying little voice that whispers: “don’t worry, you can do it later, it’s not that important… it can wait”. You want to get on with things but somehow you just can’t get your act together. But you want to… Read More

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7 Gmail labs for a more productive inbox

Gmail has a whole section called Labs where you can find apps you can use to tailor your account and make it work better for your needs. Some of them are very handy, some of them are just fun and others are absolutely essential! Continue reading

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20 things to do over the Christmas Holidays to get ahead for next year

How to prepare your business for the coming year by using the quiet time in December. Includes updating website, getting testimonials, learning new skills, filtering emails, grouping contacts, doing expenses, tidying office, and updating social media profiles. Continue reading

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How to set up Gmail filters in 3 easy steps

An email filter is when you set up a set of criteria to ensure emails from or to specific people (or containing certain words) bypass your inbox and go straight into folders. They are invaluable for people that wear a lot of hats, spin a lot of plates, or have a very busy inbox! Continue reading

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How to group your Gmail contacts

Grouping your email contacts will really save time in the long run. Grouping them means you can manage them more easily and even use your list as a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) system and mailing list. If you don’t use… Read More

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Feedly RSS reader review

Feedly RSS Reader looks like a clean, glossy magazine page and is designed so beautifully that it’s simply a pleasure to use. Continue reading

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Boomerang for Gmail review

I collaborate remotely and always advise my clients to import everything into Gmail. This gives them access to loads of productivity apps through Google Labs, the ability to share their calendars and email accounts, as well as access to a… Read More

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