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How to be more organised – practical tools and systems that work

As a Virtual Assistant (or Anti-Chaos Technician as I like to call myself) I’m often asked how I keep myself so well organised whilst simultaneously coordinating events and managing different clients. I usually just smile and say it’s a God-given talent,… Read More

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Housekeeping tips for small businesses

The end of the year is a great time to do a bit of a small business housekeeping, have a digital tidy up and get your house in order. These housekeeping tasks shouldn’t take long but this is the perfect… Read More

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How to clean up your computer’s desktop

When I use a clients computer I often shudder at how cluttered their desktops are. They look like the image above which is actually the type of thing that’ll give a minimalist like myself nightmares. Most of the icons don’t… Read More

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The 5S Principles

Take a look around your desk, what does it look like? Is it a minimalists dream or does it look like a bomb’s hit it? If it’s the latter then you may be interested in hearing about the Japanese 5S… Read More

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