Recording business expenses – breaking down categories

One of the tasks I used to do when I first started out as a Virtual Assistant was basic book-keeping. Knowing how to keep your records can be confusing, but I found that a simple Excel spreadsheet worked very well for recording businesses expenses for freelancers and small to medium companies.

Excel Spreadsheet For Recording Business Expenses

Here is a screencast of a simple Excel spreadsheet that can be tailored for any business which will give you an exact idea of what you’re spending each month. It doesn’t take long to create and adapting then maintaining it is really easy.

This is the best way for recording expenses if you need to break it down into the various categories of spending, or if more than one of you has a business bank card.  I also have a really simple spreadsheet tutorial if you’re using the same bank account for business and personal expenses.

* You can get both templates from the Download section of my VA Handbook Website

(This is my first screencast and I was quite nervous recording it so please forgive any sniffing, errrmms, and pauses!)

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