Why you should use Rapportive for Gmail


I import lots of email accounts into Gmail (because it’s a one-stop productivity machine of awesomeness of course) and I often try out some of their related apps. I’ve already written about Boomerang for Gmail and today I want to tell you about Rapportive.

Rapportive is a plugin that pulls in the social media details of anyone emailing you. Once it’s installed, details of the person’s online presences appear on the right-hand side of your screen. Info such as their LinkedIn, Skype, Klout, Mailchimp, Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as their photo, job description and location. You can then click to directly view these profiles or to connect with them.

Joanne MunroHaving a photo of the person as well as a quick summary of what they do (see screenshot of my Rapportive info) not only gives you an insight into the person’s online presence but gives you other ways to connect with them and shows you what they look like – which is handy if you’re about to meet them.

I love that I can also click to sent the contact a LinkedIn connect request and bypass all the ‘how do you know this person?’ rigmarole. And I can do this without leaving my inbox.

To add the app to your Gmail inbox, go to the Rapportive website, click the ‘add Rapportive to Gmail’ button, go back to your account, refresh and you’re done.

This is another Gmail bolt-on that I really like. It might not be useful for everyone but it’s free, simple to use, easy to install and a great way to see additional details about your contacts straight from your inbox.

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4 Responses to Why you should use Rapportive for Gmail

  1. Katariina Järvinen says:

    >I've been using Rapportive for a while and I love it.

    I have a security/privacy concern about it, though: I can see people's recent Facebook status updates in my Gmail Rapportive even when those people are not my FB friends, and have their FB account set to private (as in 'updates/wall posts only visible to FB friends). Have you noticed that?

  2. Joanne Munro says:

    >Hi Katariina, I'm sorry to say that I'm not sure! I can't see people's Facebook info as I'm not on Facebook so haven't linked an account…

  3. Rahul Vohra says:

    >Joanne, thanks very much for the review — we really appreciate it 🙂

    Katariina, thanks for the heads-up! We're pretty certain that it's not possible to see the wall of people you don't have permission to (it's enforced by both Facebook and us). If this is still happening, would you mind emailing us at supportive@rapportive.com with more details? Thanks!

    Rahul, CEO of Rapportive

  4. Katariina Järvinen says:

    >Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for your response! I checked again one person that I remember having been surprised to see their Facebook Wall updates in Rapportive… Well, this person does have their wall posts visible to everyone after all. I thought I'd checked, but it is possible I have made a mistake.

    I will check any others I come across and report to you.


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