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I collaborate remotely and always advise my clients to import everything into Gmail. This gives them access to loads of productivity apps through Google Labs, the ability to share their calendars and email accounts, as well as access to a load of Google plugins. Here’s what I thougt of one of them – Boomerang.

Boomerang for Gmail – features:

Scheduling emails – Scheduling isn’t something you might always need, but for one of my clients it’s invaluable. He holds seminars all over the world and I email the attendees to remind them of the details two days before the event, send welcome pack after the event, another email two weeks after that, then another one two weeks after that. With Boomerang I can save time by scheduling all of these emails in one go.

Removes messages from your inbox – My inbox is clean as a whistle so I don’t need this feature, but you can keep your inbox uncluttered by removing emails and telling Boomerang to put them back at a specified time. This is quite handy if the email refers to something you need to do at a later date.

Remind you if you don’t hear back – If you’re emailing someone and you expect a reply, chances are that you won’t remember to chase them up later as you have a ton of other things to do. With Boomerang you can check the box to have the email ‘Boomerang’ back in to your inbox if you don’t hear back from the recipient within a specified amount of time. Nice.

To install this app, you simply go to the Boomerang for Gmail website, click to download, return to your inbox, refresh the page and there it is.  It’s a handy little plug-in, easy to use and an extremely useful way to manage your emails.

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  1. Galina says:

    It’s a good tool, but not completely free. Right now I use Deskun extension to schedule emails for free.

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